Video on how to screen print t-shirts

how to screen print tshirts

how to screen print tshirts

Everyone loves t-shirts and can’t get enough of it. Check out this cool video explaining how it’s done.

Video on how to screen print t-shirts

Couple of additional notes:

1. their dry box probably has a heater attached so it dries real quick; if you are just drying it using room temp air let it dry for about a day

2. the lights they use ARE unfiltered black lights. other wise it takes much longer with basic lights. a 250 watt at about 12″ takes about 45 min

And here’s a tutorial on how to prepare your artwork with Adobe Illustrator.

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  2. Sick. i just got into t-shirt design and printing as well!  I do things a little differently tho i use multiple colors on one color designs but they turn out like the following:  http://strangehabitsband.com  they look so cool and only take 1 screen vs multiple screens.

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