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Fashion Blogger Application

Join a community of passionate fashion style and culture bloggers. We are always looking for fashion bloggers to join our team. FashionStyleBlog is a lifestyle blog so we cover many areas such as fashion, art, design, events, and many more. This is a passion and not a for profit fashion blog so our bloggers do not get paid for their posts but there are many perks!

List of 10 of the best perks of being a fashion blogger for

  1. Able to start expressing yourself without doing any of that technical stuff
  2. Cool tool to make your post fun and interesting to read (e.g. polls, video, slideshows, and so much more)
  3. Promote yourself (Demonstrate your skills and talent). Have you own blog or website already? Great! Promote it in the signature of your post along with all your social media.
  4. Media access to events – Why writing for us you can get into exclusive events and even get special media access
  5. Spread your message to a big audience, we already have an audience from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instgram and much more.
  6. Team support – We are a small team but we are here to help and support each other
  7. Free product testing – You can get free products even before it’s released to the public
  8. Build your portfolio – When you are applying for a job or school your potential employer will look at the extra curricular activities.
  9. Become an expert – The more you blog the more knowledgeable you will become about an area and people will see you as an expert.
  10. Meet cool people and do interesting stuff – Trust us on this! Once you start blogging you will meet a lot of interesting people and do interesting events which will change your life!

What are you waiting for?!? Fill out the fashion blogger application below and start something new!

Only top (aspire to be) bloggers need apply!

We have a high standard and expect each other to meet strict deadlines. Thus only certain type of personalities would fit into our culture. You might be a fit if:

  1. Have your own personal style
  2. At least one year blogging or writing personal articles/blog posts
  3. You can create a minimum of 1 great post a week by Sunday every week
  4. Able to write posts that are minimum of 500 words
  5. Blog posts are well researched and no BS here!
  6. Have a strong opinion
  7. A little bit of obsessive – compulsive
  8. Like to work with a team of A players
  9. Have a disdain for people who make excuses for not meeting deadlines
  10. Able to set personal goals and work independently
  11. Ambition to make this the best fashion blog in the history of the INTERNET!

You don’t need to have all those traits! Looking forward to hearing from you.


  1. Submit an awesome application (see below)
  2. We’ll respond within a week or during our next team addition review
  3. If your style matches our blog then we will invite you to write two blog posts for our editors to review
  4. Once approved by our editors you will be offered to be a Jr Blogger where all your posts will be reviewed by an editor before publishing
  5. You will be required to post one blog post a week for a two month period
  6. Congrats, upon the completion of the two month period you will become a FSB Blogger and are able to write post for multiple categories
  7. Upon a six month period you may apply to be an editor of a category
  8. After 50 years we will give you a gold watch and a retirement cake! Yay!

We now offer Fashion Guest Blog Post. Submit a guest blog post based on your schedule or inspiration. Once approved it will be posted online.

Due to the large amount of applications we receive we will only respond to successful applicants. If you do not receive an email response within a week please tweet us at @FSFashionBlog.

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