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New app rewards you for taking photos – Thumble

Taking photos on your phone all the time and sick of the annoying ads with your apps? Meet Thumble, it gives you badges, prizes, and exclusive rewards for taking pics. For example they promise you early access to events and special dish from the chef of a restaurant. The list of rewards go on and on but for the fashionista your get access to new collections, shop after hours, and even a personal shopper. All for just taking photos. How awesome is that.

It’s currently only available in the Apple App Store. Try it out, take some photos and get awesome rewards! Can’t wait for the Android version.

Go ahead take pics of all your outfits and get some rewards for it!

Download the app here!

photo sharing app - Thumble

photo rewards app profile - Thumble

Photo rewards app - album - thumble

Photo sharing badge - Thumble app

Cupcake photo sharing app - Thumble

Happy  Baby photo sharing app - Thumble