Art of the Week: Tado – Cute but Murderously Fun

Tado's Cannibal series

Tado’s Cannibal series

If you are a fan of Kid Robot you will recognize these pieces. Tado have collaborated with Kid Robot many times. Tado is a team duo from UK who who does cute and colourful drawings.

Mike and Katie, two amazingly talented and imaginative graphic designers who create an insane cutesy world of crazy,funky characters. Their work includes illustration, animation, toy design…the list goes on.
Check them out…their creations will make the mind boggle but the heart glow! – Tado Facebook Fanpage

At first you might think Toki Doki because of the same cute and colourful fun-ness to it, the aesthetic styles are different. Tadu does more compositions, they create grand cities where you can enter and be part of it. It’s more a context of the characters in the whole city. There an extreme amount of detail in their art.

Tabo - city art monorail

Tabo – city art monorail

Tado extends to many different area of merchandising including clothing, bags, shoes (for Nike and others), and many more. Check out their online shop.

One of their unexpected work is a series called Private Panda Club where they add Tado elements to girls in lingerie. I like the creativity, it’s bringing their art to another medium, and I like it because there are girls in lingerie.

They even extended into commercial with collabo with MTV.

MTV / Sexy x 1000% / Feel Me from Universal Everything on Vimeo.