Canadian Olympic Uniforms 2014 – Hudson’s Bay

The black on the jackets makes it look tacky

Final Thoughts

Over design is good until they put the black stripes on the bottom of the coats.

Overall Score 3.4 Big Miss
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Hudson Bay, the official Canadian clothing sponsor revealed their 2014 winter Olympic uniform. I was quite impressed with the designs from 2010 Olympic uniforms  however this year it was a different story. While it looked good in many of the shoots if you examine it from the whole outfit it deforms the physique rather than enhance it which is the purpose of clothing.

I like the finishes and the vintage classic design direction however the element of black is improperly place. Black which is a heavier colour makes the person look like pear shape body. I also feel the black sleeve is a bit tacky. If you look just from the top of the design, it’s a beautiful design.