Come Clean 100% Natural Pop Culture Soap Bars

We all love natural beauty products and you know it’s good when you don’t hesitate to use it on a baby with eczema, or even your pet. We recently got in touch with fashion and lifestyle blogger Yvonne Kai of heydoyou, who recently launched Come Clean – a brand featuring ‘100% Natural Pop Culture Soap” and a philosophy that beauty should be natural, easy, healthy and gentle enough for your beloved pet.  If you’re wondering why I’m swooning over something as simple as soap, it’s easy to see once you’re eyes fall on these.

I’m never a huge fan of receiving soap as a gift, but toss in the fact that they’re 100% natural, gentle on sensitive skin and embedded with a cute Prada bag, Chanel logo or a fabulous running shoe… well, I’m there! We got our exclusive with Yvonne for what Come Clean truly stands for and what we can expect in the near future.


The Bright Idea

Miki Cheung: Congratulations on the launch of these really creative natural soap bars for Come Clean!  How did you come up with the idea to create natural, moisturizing glycerin soap that both humans and dogs could use?

Yvonne Kai: Thank you! My background in Marketing and after going to FIDM in LA for my post grad in Beauty Industry Marketing, I knew I wanted to create my own brand. I have always wanted to create a beauty product that was universal regardless of age, gender, skin type or ethnicity. After numerous experiments and projects, Come Clean became the perfect extension for HeyDoYou and the “white T-shirt” of the beauty biz. It is really amazing how versatile and multi-dimensional glycerine soap really is. I also was obsessed with the powerful emotions associated with soap, bath culture, history, humour and how universally bonding this little beauty essential is.

The Collections & Collaborations

MC:  I love the idea of embedding these collectable pop culture figurines inside of the soap bars.  How did you come up with this idea? Are these collaborations with the brands that we can see more of in the future?

YK: I love collecting things!  It is important to celebrate the small things in life that bring us joy! The stories that mean something to us, whether it is nostalgia from childhood, a moment in time in your life or just a pop culture icon to make you smile!  I love Kinder Surprise, toy in cereal boxes, Cracker Jacks… I thought this is the perfect reward after you shower! We currently have 2 collaborations: 1. Zodiac by MissMindful – She is an amazing artist based out of Torrance California who I discovered on Social Media. 2. Pintrill – Trendy and smart collectible pop culture pin company based in Brooklyn NY! We have a few more coming soon but it’s still a secret!


MC: Are all your soaps scented?

YK: All the soaps are scented with 100% pure essential oils, fresh fragrance oils, natural ingredients, spices and/or a special blend of all of the above. I do also make soaps that are unscented upon request.  The scent an important aspect of the design of each and every soap. For example, one new soap is the Monkey Business Soap which features a silly monkey and the scent is banana cream pie.

Best Sellers

MC: What are your top 3 best sellers so far?  Which ones are your own personal favorites?

YK: Sneaker Soaps, Dog Soaps and Beauty Soaps!  Those are the 3 pillars that have really help spread the word and push the brand into the hand of pop culture lovers. My personal favorite is the Little Wanderer by Yoshito Nara. I have this in the Dream State Collection that came out Jan 2015 which is all about New Year, New You! Follow your dreams, plant the seed, bloom where you’re planted – make it happen 🙂

Locations & Availability

MC: Where is Come Clean being sold right now?  Can you ship internationally?

YK: Come Clean is sold in gift stores, fashion streetwear stores, pet boutiques and online. We are in Caesars Palace Forum Shops, Universal Studio City Walk Orlando, Grand Central Station and Rockefeller Plaza in New York City, Lower East Side, Soho, Portland, New Jersey, Chicago, Atlanta, Toronto, Calgary, Sentosa Cove (Singapore) as well. We are also online at www.whenicomeclean.com and ship internationally.

Down the Pipeline

MC: What will your next collection of soaps be inspired by?

YK: The next collection is inspired by Love, Valentine’s Day and 50 Shades of Grey!



MK: If you could make anything happen with your new soap line, what would you want to happen to it?

YK: Come Clean Pop Culture Soap will become a streetstyle staple, touch many hands and bodies and inspire everyone who uses it to ‘come clean’ to themselves about their aspirations, dreams. Each and every day, overcoming excuses and fears to liberate ultimate happiness and personal fulfilment. This applies to life goals, community service and also perpetuating the positive vibe of the universe!

More Information

For more information on where to purchase, visit come clean.