Complete Guide to Women’s Undies

You wear it every day and it forms the base of your wardrobe. Yes, you’ve got it – we’re talking about underwear.

A whopping 70 percent of women buy the wrong bra size. And we’re not even talking about the right type of bra. Are you buying the right type? And what are essential?

Of course it is important that you wear something comfortable. But, did you know that every cup size has it’s perfect type of bra?

You can choose a smaller fine bust for a bra without underwire, because you need less support. Gravity technically provides all those beautiful triangle bras adequate support for women with AA to B-cup. Demi bras are especially suitable, with an edge lace or ruffles on the top for an optical fuller effect. Also, push-up bras are suitable and not only give your cleavage, but also your confidence a boost. Demi is more comfortable, but push-up gives you more sex appeal. So, are you going out to night? Push up it is!


These are the most common cup sizes, which means that there is plenty of choice. With an underwire bra offers you your breasts enough support and certainly a balconette bra is suitable for a medium-sized bust. If you’re pleased with the shape of your breasts, you can carry a fine not molded bra. But if you prefer rounder breasts, the push-up bra is your partner in crime.

If you are blessed with large breasts you are probably especially looking for adequate support and comfort – not for extra volume. It is therefore very important that the band fits well at the bottom.
The cup must have sufficient elongation and support in order to support your breasts. Padded bras can help with this, but also non-molded cups in a strong fabric suitable. Wider shoulder straps can also help to provide more support and comfort.

Since we’re talking undies let me take you trough a little panty guide.

You may be asking yourself whether it is different from a regular string and yes, it is. By G-strings we mean an ienimini piece of fabric, for real. Ideal for: super tight skirts and dresses.

Has just a little bit more substance than a G-string and is designed to support seamless under your clothes. Perfect under tight pants and skinny jeans for example. Oh, and there are obviously a lot of reasons that are slightly less practical, but super sexy.

Somewhere between a slip and a string – more fabric on the front and rear, but narrow at the hips. Also shows that fewer lines than a conventional slip and is therefore the perfect partner for your favorite jeans.

This doesn’t have to mean a granny panty. Ideal for everyday, under looser falling clothes where you do not have to worry about visible lines.

The female counterpart of the boxers. Depending on the model and the dust they can fine under tight clothing, but they are also very suitable to prevent Marilyn moments with graceful dresses.

A high waistline gives you a hint of retro lingerie, but can also serve well as shape wear. And fits of course perfectly under garments with a high waist.