Denim on Denim

The fashion shows have seen a lot of denim this year. Now I don’t know if it’s just me or somehow the idea of a full out fit of denim, or as Lucky magazine’s digital fashion editor, Ray Siegel likes to call it-a joutfit (jean outfit), appeals to me to no end. Is it the different shades of denim or the endless options of coats, suits, jeans, and dresses that can be created with a fabric of 50 shades of blue. Forget the cowboy hats because self admittedly jeans always gave me a tom boy and country girl feelings, that could only be worn with a checkered shirt. How I was very wrong!

Most people when I utter the words denim on denim, it seems unimaginable to go along wearing a denim outfit…lets go with joutfit. Fashion trends go in and out, but style always stays. Denim tends to be the easy go to option for an outfit. Match it with a top, coat or wear a denim jacket over a dress. It’s diverse and gives a feminine chic vibe or a tom boyish elegance. It appears there is a time and place for every outfit, whether it’s casual or formal. The denim trend is proving a touch of formality as well as a laid back street wear.

The concepts are widely explored, especially in the year 2014, whether from the runway shows to editorials, clothing stores magazines and advertisements. It’s no longer a stuck in the 90’s moment. Somehow this proves style is young through any generation. It sticks and stays and doesn’t lose a moment of magic. A pair of jeans is so simple, yet it’s the basic part of who we are. It’s worn everyday, it keeps us warm, it brings us satisfaction, it shows off our figure, it makes us feel confident. Those jeans that fit so comfortably, loosely or tightly embodying who we are as people.

I must self confess, I am still searching for the perfect pair of jeans, which will never wrinkle near the knees and forever stay skin tight. Unfortunately, due to the disappointments over the years in which my skinny jeans have grown wrinkles in less than a year and looked weary over time I have fallen in love with the boyfriend jeans. Or I’d like to call, the loose, baggy jeans. It makes me feel a little bad ass to say that, with my history of clean, cut, tight jeans. Denim has so many options and designs that can be created. It’s an endless obsession that we want to love or hate, although I’d prefer to fall in love with. It’s a high contrast between formal and informal, which makes it so intriguing. Back in school when it was ‘cool’ to wear a dress above the knees, I think it’s ‘cool’ to wear a pair of fitted denim jeans and walk it with confidence. A lady can walk the walk, but wouldn’t it make it better with the perfect fitted jeans?

Street styles can inspire your own individual style, whether you love the way someone moves in the clothing or the way it frames the figure of a person. It’s easier to observe what appeals to us in everyday public places. Whether you have a close relationship with your skinny jeans, wear your denim jacket with every dress or simply can’t get enough of your denim skirt. Denim is all year round and never goes out of fashion. It’s simply the basic piece of material, because I mean let’s face it, they were invented by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss in 1873. It’s historical, fashionable, and a great way to make a joutfit. Are you in love with denim now?