As the popularity of his women’s line, Du Larée, begins to rise, Toronto-based Designer Andy Jones takes us on a fantastical romp through his creative world where past, present and future playfully and strikingly collide.


(Veronica Hufana): So, bridge the gap for us between your #WERK2013 and your Spring/Summer 2014 collections.

(Andy Jones): If you look at both of these collections, you can tell they come from the same designer, because there are similar shapes and silhouettes.

WERK was a chance for me to experiment; it was more embellished. I wanted to do something unexpected, like having a crazy colour palette and prints. Spring/Summer 2014 is more cohesive. I really utilized the Rule of 3, that being 3 main colour inspirations, which I think I’ll be sticking with moving forward.

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▶ #WERK2013 for Du Larée by Andy Jones Fashion – YouTube


(VH): What inspired your Spring/Summer 2014 collection?

(AJ): I started looking at ravers. I was thinking if the rave situation didn’t die out like it did, what would ravers be wearing now? I love neon, and that was such a part of rave culture. So I looked at what neon colour would be most appropriate and that most people would like and I decided on neon green, which I then accented with a deep dark blue, and then white. I was thinking about how the collection would look when the lights go off.

I also wanted to push myself and do pants, which I hadn’t done in a while. I’m really happy with how they turned out and I actually really impressed myself.

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▶ Spring/Summer 2014 Collection for Du Larée by Andy Jones – YouTube


(VH): What message or theme are you trying to convey with this collection?

It’s about being bold, and having fun, and not really caring about what people think; wearing something because you love it and dressing for yourself and not for anyone else. That is who I feel my customer is too; she takes risks, and she’s not afraid to. But every time she does take a risk, she knows what she’s doing, how it will be received, and who her audience is.

▶ Du Larée by Andy Jones S/S 2014 Fashion Video – YouTube


(VH): Spoiler alert: Andy’s Fall 2014 Collection was inspired by the hit HBO series Game of Thrones!

(AJ): I literally sat down and watched all 3 seasons in a month! So I hate that I did that to myself! I really love the character, Daenerys. For the time that the story is supposed to be set in, she represents this message of girl power, and I feel like my woman is like that too. I was looking at all the lady characters in the show and tried to think about how the descendants of these women would dress now. So there are definitely some medieval references, but they’re not very literal. It’s a complete departure from my S/S 2014 collection; the sharp contrast is so unexpected. It’s old world meets new world through the materials and colour palette.

Daenerys_2x01  Daenerys_3a  thronesfash31f-4

But the majority of my inspiration is coming from Daenerys, because her character is more bohemian. She wears a lot of structure versus draping, which I think is very reminiscent in everything I do.

(VH):How do you draw inspiration from so many different sources without being overtly derivative of them?

(AJ): I think you still have to put your own signature on your work. I could literally make people look like they’re coming down from a castle or going to a rave, or like they should be in a spaceship! But then I think it gets too “costumey”. People want a sense of fantasy, but they also want a sense of reality. And that’s where I always walk the line.

People won’t always get where you’re coming from. At the end of the day, you do the best job you can do and realize that people will always bring their own references or interpretations to the table. But regardless, if i’ve done my job, it should be apparent that the clothes are great and beautifully made.

I’m always inspired by the past, present and future. I think a sense of furturism is also on every designer’s mind and becoming more prevalent. Good designers understand where everything comes from to get a better assessment of where it’s going.

andy-at-work eggplant-skirt-on-dolly

So what can we expect next from Mister Andy Jones?

(AJ): I have a 5-year plan of things that I want to do and achieve – like contests, accolades and shows –  and I’m sticking to it. Currently I’m continuing to work on my Fall 2014 collection. I was able to get into my first store this year, so I’m working towards getting into more stores, trying to get more press, and making connections with people that can help me further develop my business.

I feel like I’ll always be in fashion. I don’t really know what God and the future have planned for me.  All I know is that I’m never gonna stop!


You can learn more about DuLarée by Mister Andy Jones at http://www.dulareebyandyjones.com/

Collection pieces are available by custom order. Arrange for your free consultation via email at  [email protected]

Select pieces are available now at LAUNCH

Credits for Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

Designer: Andy Jones
Models: Samantha Moore, and Krystal Kennedy from True Colours Model & Talent Agency
Styling: Pedro Miguel
Photography: Dave Pereira