Here are the best hairdos every woman needs to know. They're easy, quick and chic. Style

The Top Hairstyles Every Girl Needs to Know

Here are the best hairdos you all need to know.  You can use these for a quick fix or for Valentine’s Day.


Triple Ponytail

I love this one because it is so easy, but looks like it’s so much more complicated and expensive than it really is.

Tie one third of your hair.  Pull the tied ponytail over and through.  For the middle ponytail, you bring the left bit of hair around the hanging portion of the first ponytail.  Then you do the same on the right side, then tie together. I really loved this and will definitely use it both in and out of the gym.  See the tutorial by Kystellie Fashion.


Long Ponytail

For those of you who want long hair, but don’t want to pay for extensions, this is a great way to give the illusion of long hair. It’s simply two half ponytails.  Full tutorial at


Missy Sue Ultimate Waterfall Braid

This romantic hairstyle might feel a little tricky to do at first, but it’s worth knowing.  Not only is this a sweet hairdo, but it’s a great way to manage your mane if you feel there are little fly-a-ways that you are having trouble controlling.  I love the one that Missy Sue does in her tutorial.


Knot Bun


If you have medium-length to long hair, this is an quick and easy way to put your hair up into a bun.  Tie it in a knot a couple of times, pin the remaining loose hair underneath and out the door you go. Visit Jada Beauty for the full tutorial.


Side Slicked Back

I have wanted this hairdo for quite some time, but didn’t want to bite the bullet.  I love going to the gym, and well, tying one side back just doesn’t have the same wonderful appeal to me as when it’s flowing down across my single shoulder and back.  So here was a wonderful quick tutorial I found at Irrelephant Blog.  Full tutorial on her blog.


no heat waves

We all at some point yearn for beautiful things that we don’t have.  I have a wild mane of hair that frizzes when it dries, and often want to curl my hair, but often worry about the heat damage.  This is an awesome tutorial by Kouture Kiss on how you can get great waves without the heat.  Full tutorial on her site.