How to Keep Wearing Overalls this Fall

We all know him from the 90’s, but this year the overall (AKA dungaree) made a striking comeback! This summer we were all hooked and the good thing is: we don’t have to stop wearing it this fall! How? Let me show you.


Hey, we love flared trousers right? So why won’t we put our two darlings together and wear them as one piece!


Striped tee

A striped t-shirt with long sleeves under a good dungaree makes you look like you just came from a rendez-vous at Avenue des Champs-Elysées and on your way to the Louvre.



Turtle neck

They are a trend at their own and they keep you warm on chilly fall days. So, put a turtle neck under your dungaree and you look super fashionable while keeping warm.



Off shoulder

A tight off shoulder shirt under your dungarees make them instant sexy. Put on some heels and you’re ready to go to the club.