Accessorizing for Winter 2013-2014: Jewelry Trends to Watch Out For!

The days may be colder as we countdown to winter but for the fashion-conscious, the cooler season is the perfect time to flaunt the winter jewelry trends. If you haven’t had a chance to go over these trends, here is an overview on what’s hot in jewelry for winter 2013-2014.

Chunky Chains

Fashion trends tend to complement each other and this is true when it comes to clothing and jewelry. Since chunky sweaters and high-necked tops are in for fall and winter, chunky chains and statement necklaces are the perfect foil.

Chanel capitalizes on chain links as the ultimate fall/winter accessory, using them on almost every jewelry possible from necklaces that double as a hair accent to hold the hair back to bracelets and belts as well as chunky bangles that is better worn stacked on one wrist. What is interesting to know about this trend is that the chain used is the same one used for their 2.55 bag strap.

For Lanvin, chunky gold chains made a statement with the words Love and Cool, just to name a few that made its way to their offbeat collection. Contrary to this clunky style, David Yurman’s Fall 2013 collection captures a delicate balance from refined elegance to an earthy and artisanal tone in their designs. The new styles along with iconic favorites show how minimalism can blend effortlessly with abundance. Founder David Yurman has said that through the design, styling as well as imagery of their jewelry, they are able to tell a tale about contrast in all its glory. “Beauty,” says Yurman. “is always more intriguing in contrast.”

Glamour as an Armor

When you see all the arm candy that is showing up in the runways, it makes you think of mighty amazonian women warriors and the arm cuffs they wear for battle. Bracelets have often been slender and delicate strands adorning a woman’s seemingly frail wrist. Not this season. Fall and winter jewelry trends all seem to point at making a statement, not just with necklaces but bracelets and rings, too. They aim to be seen and talked about. Aside from heavy chains, the trend for arm accessories seems to be leaning towards the thick kind. Cuffs and stacked bangles look great with sweaters and make the perfect fall accessory. Thick bands covered in a multitude of richly colored stones are also another popular trend, the ritzy opulence reminding you of an era long gone.

Put a Ring on It

“If you like it, then you shoulda put a ring on it…” The lyrics to Beyonce’s song Single Ladies, makes us think of engagement and wedding rings. But that’s not the only reason you can put on a ring. If you find a ring you like, go ahead and wear it. In fact, fall and winter jewelry trends have a great selection for you to choose from.

Just like necklaces, rings are here to make a statement in the cooler seasons. If necklaces and bracelets are not your thing, then you can still show off your style through the kind of ring you wear. For fall/winter, thick is in. Stacked rings are a great alternative to stacked bracelets or bangles. Mosaic patterns on thick bands lend an opulent air to rings, as if wearing this fashion accessory were a regal affair. The more unique your ring style, the better. In fact, rings that are not closed in a perfect circle also make an eye-catching choice. images from David Yurman.

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