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Keith Haring Art – 80’s pop culture icon

Keith Haring Radiant Baby
Keith Haring Radiant Baby

A strong symbol of 80’s pop culture, if you don’t know Keith Haring’s name, you know his work. His simple symbolic drawings are natural, colourful, and full of colours.

K. Haring colourful work

Keith Haring was inspired by graffiti art and did chalk drawings in the subways of New York. He have done art for many museums such as Collingwood College, National Gallery of Victoria, and the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art.

What I like about his art is that it’s simple, happy, and full of movement. It is amazing on how much he can communicate with simple lines and 1 or 2 colours. I just love how everyone in his work is constantly dancing. It’s a party! Elegance is beauty. The more an artist can communicate with simple lines the elegant it is and therefore the more beautiful. There is a level of symmetry and story behave all his work.

Of course his great art have been translated in clothing by Zara and some K. Haring kicks from ADIDAS.

Keith Haring Tshirts and hoodie from Zara
Keith Haring Tshirts and hoodie from Zara
Keith Haring Adias Kicks
Keith Haring Adias Kicks

Funny my first memory of seeing Keith Haring was when I started studying Photography and saw this pic:

keith haring photographed by leibowitz
Keith Haring photographed by Leibowitz

Keith Haring Hanging out

keith haring shop store

You can see how his work inspired Melina Matsoukas’ Rude Boy video for Rihanna. Don’t stop dancing!

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