Lucian Matis Home

Known for his intricate work as a womenswear fashion designer, Lucian Matis launches a fabulous home line, Lucian Matis Home.  Most recently featured in the Heart of Fashion Pop-Up Shop at Shops at Don Mills, Lucian’s newest venture in home décor brings the runway directly into your home.
Miki Cheung:  There are many people who are a huge fan of your work as a fashion designer.  What first brought you to launch a home decor line?

Lucian Matis: The Lucian Matis brand managed to gather a large audience where the Lucian Matis or the Matis labels were geared towards specific female markets. By adding  a fantastic home décor collection, we could open our markets to both genders regardless of age but maintain the Matis core style edict.


MC:  What is your design process and inspiration for your new home decor line?  How do your experiences influence your home decor line?

LM: We try to inject as much fashion into the home décor collection. We keep the details, elements of surprise or the use of natural materials as much as possible. Also the intricate beading, the embroidery or the basket weaving are present throughout the collection.  I travelled extensively to the Far East and Asia and was overwhelmed by the intricate hand-made artisanal wares. It was very inspiring to me.


MC:  What items can consumers expect to find from your Lucian Matis Home?

LM: The launch has been done mainly with soft furnishings such as decorative pillows, throws, storage, poufs, candles and bedding. Watch out in the near future for more creative categories which will enhance our core collection.


MC:  How does Lucian Matis Home compare to the work you do for your designer fashion collection for Lucian Matis and your more accessible fashion label, Daphne?

LM: We always keep in mind 3 things: design, value and quality.


MC:  Where can our readers find the new Lucian Matis Home line?  And, how long will your new home decor line be available for?

LM: The Lucian Matis home décor stores will be open for the month of December. However the collection will be available in select stores across Canada in larger retailers such as design retailers, Homesense and Winners.


MC:  You have such great talent as a designer – first, in fashion labels and now in home decor.  Where do you see yourself going next?

LM: I would love to expand the business into accessories and possibly creating a perfume down the road would be a dream.


MC:  If you could design for any person, dead or alive, who would that be?  Why?

LM: Cate Blanchett . She is a true actress that can metamorphose into just about anything. Best blank canvas.


The collection consists of artisan rugs, incredibly soft bed sheets, environmentally-friendly candles, cow-hide rugs, leather accented pieces, intricate hand-drawn threadwork as well as some hem-stitching.  To view the new home décor line, visit Shops at Don Mills and Eaton’s Centre.

Lucian Matis Home