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Top Makeup Trends Fall/Winter 2014

After seeing the previews from some of the world’s largest catwalks, it’s now time to discuss some of the best and impressive Fall 2014-2015 makeup trends we have observed so far. To describe them in in the simplest form, the term I could use that compliments the three most popular looks is ‘diversity’. Looking through the options of makeup trends, we find makeup alternatives for any taste and preference. But starting from the classic options like natural vibes to the most experimental and extravagant variants of electric colours which bring timeless futuristic looks and even with an almost ‘overdosed’ smokey effect of shimmer. By pointing out the three main looks with my imagery to inspire you, we can begin to categorize the fall 2014-2015 makeup trends as follows.

Colour Splash

We were amazed to find ourselves keeling over the thought of going out of our comfort zone and pulling off a bold tone of matte or glittery highlight eye shadow tips —“who would’ve thought it could be pulled off in such a high and stylistic manor?” It is a style that is filled with playful sophistication and hugely modern in trending catwalks such as Christian Dior, Diane Von Furstenberg and Kenzo. To get this look with the example I had prepped above, I coated the eyelids in a lighter shade of foundation/primer, and with a flat shadow brush. I strictly used one bold colour and brushed the colour across the lid tips in a 50’s inspired winged style. I specifically used a matte shimmer hot pink. Catwalks are also introducing metallic blues, purples and greens for that almost 70’s/80’s punk-themed look with the consistency of matching a shimmery thick shade of lippy. This gives the expression of a diffused look, nothing chunky or patchy. The colours need to blend in with one another. The hot pink remains striking and bold on the face because I kept the face neutral. This season heavily recommends you to pop on a bit of metallic sapphire on and strut this unique look!

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Matching Metallic

2014-2015 makeup trend metallic magic

Punky and futuristic vibes are thought when we see the metallic matching eye shadow and lipstick this winter. This was a look that was quite popular on the catwalks in New York. Using metal inspired tones like gold, silver and bronze, and anything in between. You can wear them with a neutral lip or a bold matching lip depending on how dramatic you want to make your metallic eyes look. In my example above (inspired by Rodarte Catwalk), I have not seriously lined the eyes because I would prefer to go bolder with the lips which will equalize the intensity of the eyes. Heavy shimmer contouring and high-definition powders are added for facial featured effects that dramatically enhance the look. Flat, gelled back hair in a high pony tail with this look gives clarity to the makeup and improvises on the concentration of that futuristic and daring look.

Though much of the theatrical art we have seen on the catwalks, they all stand out from one another and makes it experimental and difficult to translate to everyday makeup – this is where you can challenge yourself, there are some inspirations to be had. From metallic to bold and bright wings, these makeup trend are the hottest looks out right now from the fall/winter 2014-2015 catwalks.

Nearly Nude

This is your almost no-makeup, make-up type of look. It is your natural look in its most basic form – it’s either a fresh face that has little to no foundation, minimal eye makeup, and possibly a light lip tint. Some features of the face may be enhanced but keeping it to a bare minimum. Shadows, blushers and mascaras aren’t typically needed for this look. I can though briefly clarify that this is not a, “I just woke up and having a lazy day at home”, type of look. It’s actually a very polished look that, while minimal, it quite purposeful with how it’s applied. The trend for the almost invisible style of makeup has been continued throughout most catwalks as reintroducing the naturalism of beauty and signifying the bareness of the model. This also draws more attention to the garments worn but creates a wow factor because you never see a catwalk where the models aren’t wearing impressive performance makeup. This look was used on the catwalks of Stella McCartney, Jil Sander and Isabel Marant – they were looking for the masculine, sportive ad healthy glowing type of look for their new season style. Nude, again is a style that can be worn with anything – it can be pulled off as quite strict and professional. What I used for m example above is a light airbrush of foundation – artists purposely used a shade or two lighter than the models natural skin tone to enhance their natural features like bold eyebrows and eye colour. Also brushing over the lips with foundation gives a pure nude and futuristically natural look. The definition of ‘nearly nude’ is highly popular and definitely created a stir in this seasons shows.

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Article by Briahna Patterson


Briahna Patterson is a young student based in New Zealand who has a great sense of ambition to strive for her future goals.  She’s hugely involved with the fashion industry which includes photography, makeup,  fashion styling and hair styling the last four years.  With a stron passion for all of these artistic jobs, she has now grown passionate towards writing about all of my experiences, many of which are about fashion.