Product Review of PAI – An Organic, All Natural Skincare Line

As a kid, I struggled with my skin.  It all started when I was around the age of 17.  I was a young girl in a relationship with her first love.  At that age, I wasn’t into much else other than shopping, playing sports and seeing my boyfriend.  Although my first relationship never made it through the years, those hormonal breakouts certainly persisted.  It was an undying one-sided relationship.  I never wanted them, but they clung onto me like a sock with its first brush against static pantyhose.  Just when I thought my skin was going to compromise and be kind to me, it would be sneaky and show its true unattractive colors.  And due to these random irritating breakouts, my skin would scar.  Even now, as someone who attends fashion shows and writes about beauty and fashion, finding the right product proves to be incredibly difficult.

I had received so many samples and recommendations on beauty.  I tried products ranging from $2 to $300 skincare. Time after time, I found many of them to be unsuccessful, leading to disappointment and damaged skin. And so, this year, when I decided I wanted to make a move towards organic and natural beauty products, I had come across Pai – a skincare line that was 100% certified organic and natural.  I was excited to try three products out, but like a woman with a history of terrible relationships, I was reserved and didn’t want to get my hopes up.

Pai is a British brand that specializes in organic, all-natural skin care.  While most products on the market claim to be all-natural or organic, they often have harmful ingredients included in the mix.  Pai skincare specializes in organic products mainly for sensitive skin but also aging skin, using the purest ingredients and high-performance moisturizing actives to gently treat and take excellent care of your skin.  Their products are 100% certified organic.

During the brutally hard winds and dry air, my skin needs a lot of hydration.  If I don’t hydrate, I get uneven skin, break outs and scars.  The foaming cleanser is very gentle and feels creamy against the skin.  Afterwards, I dab my face gently with a dry cloth, so that it is still a little wet and allows me to apply the Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil on smoothly.  With just the first application, I was surprised that it didn’t feel oily against my skin.  I have used Bio Oil and that can feel a little greasy, so I liked that this pre-application to the moisturiser did not feel greasy.

I put 2-3 drops of it into my hand, distribute it evenly in my palms and massage it into my freshly cleansed face.

“The Rosehip Oil is rich in concentrated Trans-Retinoic Acid, an essential fuel for the skin’s natural repair function. High levels of Trans-Retinoic Acid are delivered directly to the epidermis, which converts to Vitamin A to boost the skin’s natural healing process. Clinical studies show Rosehip is effective at improving the appearance of scars, stretch marks, sun damage and fine lines.”

After letting the Rosehip Oil absorb, I apply the Chamomile & Rosehip Calming Day Cream, which has a faint scent of the two main ingredients.  It’s not my favorite scent, but it’s gentle, sweet – plus, my fiance likes it, so I can’t argue with that!  It glides on smoothly and doesn’t feel greasy.  I don’t drink nearly enough water on a daily basis and this leaves my skin very dehydrated.  When I apply the Rosehip Oil, it absorbs very quickly and doesn’t sit on the surface for very long.  In warmer climates, I’d use 1 to 2 drops instead of 2 to 3 drops.

If you ever find your skin to be tight after using the sauna, steam room or gym, I found the Camomile & Rosehip Calming Day Cream helped me re-hydrate my face very quickly, which prevented irritation and breakouts.


Pai Skincare Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser

– has a gentle rose scent
– a creamy texture
– leaves skin with a nice cooling sensation
– skin feels clean, soft and hydrated
– foams as you massage into the skin

– Does not feel like it does a thorough clean like scrub or beaded cleansers, but it actually does a good job

Pai Skincare, Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil

– reduces the look of scars
– Use 2-3 drops at a time & doesn’t feel heavy
– doesn’t leave the skin feeling oily
– gentle, unoffensive scent
– helps smooth out uneven skin tone
– leaves skin feeling smoother

– feels heavier in warmer climates, so it’s good to reduce the amount you use and the frequency
– Glass bottle makes it a very unfriendly product for travelling around, especially for those who want to use it after the gym, spa or on a trip

Pai Skincare Chamomile & Rosehip Calming Day Cream

– Light scent
– Creamy, but doesn’t feel greasy
– Goes on smoothly
– Absorbs easily
– Great for dehydrated skin

– Can feel heavy as you apply it, but feels lighter after it absorbs


I went to see my esthetician after 2 weeks of using the oil and she noticed a difference.  I can’t say what it does to sun damage and fine lines, but I have seen a noticeable difference in the smoothness of my skin, less breakouts and a reduction in the darkness of my scars.  I also noticed that if there was going to be damage to my skin from a breakout, that this would help it heal faster and better.

It’s 100% certified organic, natural, free of chemicals, effective and affordable (I mean really, a perfect combination!) I would definitely recommend giving Pai a try.

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