Rock n Roll inspired graphic tees by Rock Parlor

Yo guy, fashion fans. This is MoVernie! How’s it going yo? Did you enjoy my first ever fashion video blog with designer Meghan Erin? If you like what you are seeing, keep on following. This week, we are showcasing our second episode of our fashion video blog with designer/singer-songwriter, Jay Manara and along with his crew at the Ryerson Fashion Show.

During the show, Jay got to get up the stage to share his stories to his success as a designer/singer, sharing his experiences with other up and coming designers who are chasing their dreams and goals. It was a very inspirational and motivational speech. He placed emphasis on being creative, continue to believe and chasing the dreams but at the same time, being able and willing to listen to feedback and constructive criticism to get better with the work and be able to listen and improve on the collection. Being able to balance the financial budget while carrying the passion for designing clothes are key. Designing is an important element but also being able to run the business with profit and being able to bring food to the table are also important in a day-to-day operation.

During the show, Jay also showcased his collection. In his collection, you will see a heavy influence of tattoo art and rock music culture. The brand is owned, operated and run by people who have lived and breathed the tattoo and rock music lifestyle for many years.
Rock Parlor believes in the individuality of people and design, and strives to deliver unique pieces that will make you want to rock (and I truly believe his collection is definitely make you rock!)

Until next time, MoVernie is outta here! Stay tuned for more fashion video blogs and be sure to check out often.