Toronto Fashion Week: Spring Summer 2014 Collection – Joe Fresh – World Mastercard Fashion Week

One of the most anticipated fashion shows of World Mastercard Fashion Week was Joe Fresh, and the fashion label certainly did not disappoint.  Joe Fresh closed Day 3 with a wide assortment of Asian florals, leather shorts, floral pajama-style ensembles, relaxed blouses, midnight blue tops and skirts and high heel pumps with signature orange soles. All beautiful, with many personalities in one single collection.

Incorporating elements of class with a bit of edge, Joe Fresh opened with a black top and skirt finished with a white seam.

In review, his second look was more outstanding than the first: a blue shirt with contrast collar and splash of black to add interest. Accessible and affordable, Joe Fresh pays attention to detail and continues design elements from front and side to back.  After all, there’s nothing worse than a designer than includes fantastic detailed work on the front, but cheapens the entire ensemble by not finishing the detail on the back.

Although navy is never out of style, a dark trench with patented sleeves for Spring / Summer is unexpected and injects some edge into the collection.  Plus, it’s a classic piece you can keep in the wardrobe for years.

Paired with a casual white blouse, the capris pant may seem simple to many, but Joe Fresh elevates the design with a beautiful tulip side slit.  And, if you’re looking for something different and special, the short and bold red dress might be exactly what you’re looking for.