Ways to Wear Wide Leg Pants Fall/Winter 2014

From a ‘Wider’ Perspective



Let’s face it, women are always looking for an item that is timeless, relaxed and free: These three attributes heavily define what an ideal Fall/Winter wardrobe should be all about. Women want something chic, but classy – this is where the 70’s begin to kick in. I thrive on timeless fashion and this season, the ‘in trend’ has repeated itself, wide-leg trousers which have those exact qualities that we all admire. These trousers have been enhanced by the top-end designers on this year’s catwalks, displaying the new aged approach on how we can wear ‘baggy’ clothing in a chic and classical manner.


There is nothing more comfortable than relaxed-fitting pant; from slouchy and couch-comfy to classical and sophisticated, and even picking up in the menswear department – drop-crotch trousers. Men can finally wear formal trousers normally without their underwear showing – seriously, I really dislike that! Thank goodness we have problem-solving designers with brilliant ideas.


The wide-leg trousers are sometimes chucked out of fashion too early and often featured in the wrong seasons too. This season, I think they have placed this trend on the catwalk at the right time. Due to the relaxing nature of these fabulous pants, it may seem like a summer trend, but it’s great as a winter trend too. These trousers have hit headlines because of their proportional status – you don’t need to be completely skinny or completely tall. This means for most women you can step outside the box and try a new trend with confidence. The trousers are more about ‘where’ you place the trousers on your waist and what shoes you will pair with them.



My tips for women on how to wear wide-leg trousers


  • If you are short/petite, you should wear heels to give the illusion of your legs being longer. Wear the trousers as hip-hangers to make your torso seem longer. Wearing the trousers like this shows off that authentic 70’s style when ‘hipster bohemian’ trends really took place.
  •  If you are short/curvylicious, you should show off those sexy curves with the trousers belted around the smallest part of your waist – this is to exaggerate the visual illusion of your hourglass shape. Again, preferably wear heels to give you the illusion of longer legs. This will help with the focus point being your tiny waist.
  •  If you are tall/slim, you can wear this successfully if sitting appropriately on the waist or again, as a hip-hanger. These styles can be dressed up or down and considering you are tall, you can get away with wearing flats or heels. Heels dress it up and flats give a more bohemian feel. It is up to your style and what direction you would want to take with wide-leg trousers.
  •  If you are tall/curvaceous, you should, again, wear the trousers high on your waist. Find the smallest part on your waist, otherwise find the perfect fitted trousers and let them hang naturally on whatever curve you wish. Wearing the trousers higher will show off your curves more. You are lucky to have this illusion, you can pull off the more chic and classy type of style. You can wear either flats or heels too referring to what your style is like.

Women take note: This is an excellent style for the plus size women. It will compliment your figure and fall nicely.


What shoes/accessories to wear with wide-leg trousers:

If you are wearing heels and want that classical look, I would suggest you wear point heels like Louis Vuitton’s or open-toe stilettos that are slim strapped – nothing closed toe and stacked, it will look too full on and too chunky, especially if you are tall. Having petite feet will take weight off your shoulders, so having the right shoes for these trousers is definitely like the cherry to the topping.

If you want to wear flats, I would suggest open toe or point toe shoes again. Open toe, you can go for shoe types like gladiator sandals or peep toe sandals. There is another acceptable look with closed toe shoes called Moccasins – I can imagine a glossy white pair with white wide-leg trousers and a nautical top. This look I just explained is beneficial for spring/summer casual style and is forever a classic look.



If we are looking into winter trends, layering up this trouser type looks fabulous. Added colours, loose and baggy, chilled and sophisticated is what we see when we look at designers such as (from left) Michael Kors, Derek Lam and Tory Burch, who showcased wide leg pants at New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2014. Layering with scarfs, trendy flats, even gorgeous patterned socks and an over-sized sweater tops off this major trend!