How to distress your new denim jeans

How to add the distress marks to your jeans instantly

How to distress jeans

Got a new pair of jeans and want to make it look like rockstar vintage distress jeans instead? Follow the tips from this video.

  1. Make whisker marks with a bleach pen
  2. Use X-acto knife to have the peeling distress effect
  3. To make a hole just cut with a scissor after wash it will extend naturally
  4. for a rip or slash, make an incision then
  5. Cut out a hole and patch it with sewing by hand or machine
  6. For larger distress use sandpaper

!Keep in mind that the distress is REAL! A hole is really a hole and you can’t go back. That’s the warning according to the video. We are playing for real here!

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