How to spot Levis 501 and 550 fakes

how to spot fake levis

how to spot fake levis

Video shows you how to spot a Levis fake. 501 and 550


A few simple ways to spot a Levi’s fake. Follow these and it can save you money from buying a fake. Nothing feels like the real thing.

  1. Make sure there is a registered trademark on the tab
  2. Make sure the tab is the brownish yellow colour, some of the fakes are different colour maybe white
  3. Make sure the stitching around the red pocket tab has clean stitching
  4. Some Levi’s only have R on the pocket tab without “Levi’s”, that doesn’t mean it’s a fake. They do it for some of the jeans (They put R on every 100th pair of Levi’s they make)
  5. The part number on the paper size label should match the part number on the inside cloth tag.
  6. LSSF code on the ribbits
  7. If it has “Levi” instead of “Levi’s” on the pocket then it’s a fake
  8. Some of the fakes have a large “V” on it

If you noticed any other difference between the fake and real Levi’s jeans please comment below.

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