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Newbie’s Guide to Buying Raw Denim

So I recently bought this pair of Naked & Famous Weird Guy jeans.

And I gotta say, I’m loving the raw life. I used to be a huge raw denim skeptic. The very mention of $300 dollars jeans was enough to make me gaffe. But when I put my right leg through that first pair, all that skepticism ran down my leg and out of the pants. It was like walking out the door in sweat pants but without the lecture from my mother. Just enough stretch to be comfortable, but slim enough to look refined. Does life get any better?

You might be wondering why I chose Naked & Famous, and I would take you on a fantastical journey all about the superior raw denim and construction, but in reality, they were on sale.

The Brand

Do brands really matter when it comes to denim? Yes and no. Wearing a specific brand won’t necessarily make you look any better, but its all about finding the right brand for your body type (and budget). Some great brands to look out for are Levi’s, True Religion, Naked & Famous, Nudie, 7 For All Mankind – the list is really endless. If you’re on a budget, you can pick up Goodale’s Slim Straight Selvedge jeans for $55.

The Fit

All right folks this is where things matter. We all know fit is king but it applies a bit differently here. Raw denim will stretch and mold to the shape of your legs as you wear them, so it’ll be best to get a pair a size down from what you normally buy. The best way to do this is just to try on a bunch of pairs, and when you find one thats too tight, just go one size up.



You wouldn’t think there’d be much options for the colour of your jeans, but you’d be real surprised. Start with a dark indigo first, then move up and experiment with different colours. Indigo is the most versatile – it can look sharp with a blazer or chill enough for a night out.

Care Tips

  1. Don’t be lazy (like me) and throw your jeans into a crumpled corner as soon as you get home. It’ll form creases and you won’t get the chance to wash them for quite awhile.
  2. Everybody has their own opinion about washing. All you need is our guide on how to wash raw denim.
  3. If the smell is really becoming unbearable, invest in one of those steam cleaners. Give em a little puff before wearing them and it’ll keep them fresh.

Full Guide on How to Wash your Raw Denim

This is how your raw denim jeans will look after your first wash. This jean was worn for 18 months before it’s first wash. Click on image to wash full video


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