Style Prep: A Checklist when Working with a Personal Stylist

So, you’ve finally convinced yourself that you’re gonna call in reinforcements on the quest for a more fashion-forward you! Congrats! If it’s your first time using a Personal Stylist, feelings of excitement, anticipation, anxiousness, nervousness, perhaps outright fear are possibly starting to set in? And if you’ve used a stylist before, maybe there are ways that you can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the whole experience? Well put your mind at ease! HereĀ is a checklist of style prep tips to help you with your Stylist session.

1. Dress in easy-on, easy-off, durable attire

Button-ups or zip ups are your best bet, or a loose-fit t-shirt that your don’t have to wrestle out of. Ladies, comfy knee or quarter-length skirts (nothing fancy that can totally snag) or leggings are suggested; guys, relaxed fit jeans or khakis or cargos.

2. Have shoes in two’s

For your first pair, wear comfortable slip ons; you’ll be doing a lot on your feet. For your second pair, bring shoes for trying on office and formal wear. Ladies, since we usually have heels of varying heights, bring a pair that represents the average height, or the pair that you tend to wear the most. These should be slip on as well. Fellas, bring your dress shoes, or your lowest cut pair of casual shoes with a thicker sole. These will help determine your best pant length.

3. Semper umi sub umi (Always wear underwear)

Well duh, right? Nobody in their right mind goes commando to try on clothes! But let’s get specific. Firstly, solids are solid! Stay away from anything patterned that may show through. For the top, guys can wear a T-shirt or undershirt; ladies, a strapless or convertible bra under a form-fitting tank top or cami. Boys, sport those tighty whities or boxer briefs so your stylist doesn’t have to deal with the bulkiness of boxers impeding the fit of pants. Ladies, nude panties that match closely to your skintone with an invisible panty line is best! (Thongs are not the most sanitary.)

If you regulaly wear items like panty hose, control top panty hose or body shapers, bring them with you. You could wear them under your clothes for efficiency, but you risk losing the whole “comfortable” aspect of the stylist experience.

Finally, feet. Unless you don’t mind your bare feet touching the floor of a changeroom, wear lightweight socks. Ladies, if you’re going to wear ballet flats, nude stockings or the slip on ankle socks or “no-shows” that are made specifically to be concealed in ballet flats are recommended.

4. Come as you are, au naturel

No, that doesn’t mean don’t shower. But on the day of your session, stay away from anything scented or pigmented that may damage the clothing you’re going to try on. Refrain from using oil-based creams or moisturizers.

Ladies, no make up! No matter how light or translucent it is, it will find its way onto something. But if you must, a barely-there tinted lip gloss and a little powder to bring down the shine but THAT’S IT!

Gentlemen, unless you’re already sporting a well-grown and groomed mustache or beard, a clean shave is best. This prevents snagging on shirts or ties. BUT, be careful not to nick yourselves! Give yourself plenty of time for shaving so your not sporting bloody paper squares on your face.

As well, leave all accessories at home! If you’re going to shop for new ones, you’ll need a blank canvas to work on. Plus, you don’t want to loose anything or get caught on anything in the flourish of trying things on and off.

5. Travel light!

You’ll need free hands to carry all your new loot, and stamina for the rigors of shopping. So wallet, cell phone, extra pair of shoes (and perhaps the body shaper or panty hose) discussed earlier, and an optional bottle of water (no coloured drinks!) should do it.

6. Make questions part of the session

Not sure what’s best for you, or the methods behind the madness of the Stylist? Ask! Don’t be afraid to inquire why things work or don’t work for you, why they are making the choices they’re making, or to suggest things yourself. Part of being more stylish is being more style savvy. So trust in your Stylist’s professional ability to teach you and point you in the right direction. Don’t forget to take notes! At the end, ask your Stylist for a recap of what was covered in the day’s session.

7. Be open-minded

An open mind is your best accessory when working with your Stylist. Remember, they are there for YOU. So, be receptive to their suggestions and dare yourself to try something new!

8. Have FUN!

Though the task can be daunting, your style journey doesn’t have to be all bumps along the way. With the support of your Stylist and a positive attitude, the session should feel less like a task and more like a fun outing!

Keep these style prep tips in mind, and you’re guaranteed to maximize your style experience! Your Stylist will be happy and impressed at your preparedness; it shows enthusiasm and a readiness to collaborate with them. So best of luck and happy shopping!