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Surmesur Toronto: Tailor Made for Men

October 2nd marked the grand opening of Surmesur Customer Menswear store here in Toronto, located at 108 Queen Street East just west of Jarvis in the the up and coming Queen Street East area. It’s the third location for this Quebec-based fashion store.

All in attendance received VIP treatment from a short walk up their red carpet, to the complimentary drinks and hors d’oeuvres.

Amid the music and mingling, I was able to acquire a one-on-one interview with the proud and impeccably dressed co-owner, François Thériault.

Veronica Hufana: So tell me, François, the meaning behind the name “Surmesur.”

François Thériault: “Surmesur” in French simply means “made to measure” in English. This is what we do: custom, quality menswear at competitive, affordable prices.

VH: There are so many avenues in fashion that you could have pursued. Do you have a special interest in menswear?

FT: Of course, as a young man living in Montreal, a city known for it’s partying, you want to look good. But we found that it is extremely expensive for the average man to be stylish. My brother (Vincent) and I started this company in response to that need. Surmesur offers a less expensive alternative to men’s style, without sacrificing quality.

VH: How do you find the Toronto fashion crowd differs from that in Montreal?

FT: People in Montreal are very trendy! Our company did great in the city. Our predominantly French audience instantly understood our name and what we were about. Once we established success in Montreal, we chose Toronto as our first foray into the English-speaking market. So far so good! We find that the trendy Torontonians take their business as seriously as they take their style.  So I think that there is a place for us here to grow.

VH: Your tailoring process begins with a unique step. Please elaborate on the impressive technological innovation, developed solely for your company.

FT: Yes, our 360 scanner. Once you step into the booth, our computer takes a full scan of your body. No detail is overlooked! It’s all a part of providing our customers with the best possible fit. We then create customer profiles where we store these measurements for future orders.

VH: Right now you cater exclusively to men. Are there plans to expand your company’s reach to women?

FT: Perhaps, we recognize there is a need for it. But one thing at a time.

VH: Any final remarks for our viewers/readers?

FT: Follow your passion, do what makes you happy. And do your homework! It takes a lot to start something new, so you need to acquire as much knowledge as you can. And stop by our store! Guaranteed we’ll make you happy here.


  • François has a background in finance; his brother, Vincent, in business.
  • Murtaza Ali Bukhari, Assistant Manager for the Toronto location, has a background in textiles. He has a line of stylish handbags made solely of recycled materials called “EcoChic”.
  • The store has a selection of over 5000 different types of fabrics in it’s style arsenal.
  • The 360 scanner was engineered and developed exclusively for the Surmesur stores.
  • With the exception of accessories (including a selection of ties, cuff links, and belts) , there are no mass-produced or ready-made items on the premises.

For more about Surmesur, please visit the website: