5 Shaving Accessories No Man Should Be Without Mens

5 Shaving Accessories No Man Should Be Without

5 Shaving Accessories No Man Should Be Without

5 Shaving Accessories No Man Should Be Without

It is the well groomed man who easily gets ahead in business as well as in social circles. A clean and close shave is among the most essential grooming rituals that a man can do on a daily basis. Although a gentleman may not have the funds to have his very own professional barber at his disposal on a daily basis, if he outfits his bathroom with the following 5 shaving accessories, his face will reflect the kind of close and smooth shave that shows he takes pride in his appearance. The extra time, effort and money spent on having these essential shaving accessories handy are worth it to achieve the desired result of a clean, smooth-shaven face.

Pre-Shave Prep Towel

A proper shave depends upon your beard being thoroughly wet, so dedicate a clean white cotton towel as your pre-shave prep towel. A leading barber in NYC recommends you soak it in warm water, squeeze out excess moisture, then apply this moistened towel to your face for several minutes. This prevents the kind of shaving rashes and razor burns that develop by hurriedly pursuing the shaving ritual on a cold face without any preparation.

Quality Shave Cream

The best shaving cream provides a high concentration of both moisturizer and lubricant. The lather it creates is rich and creamy rather than the foam characteristic of cheaper brands. A quality shaving cream keeps the beard hairs in an upright position so that the razor glides along smoothly with less resistance and results in less cuts and nicks.

Shaving Brush

shaving brush

shaving brush

A shaving brush that combines with right quantity of soft bristles and creates the right amount of resistance is worth its weight in gold to help not only exfoliate dead skin cells from the face but also to help your razor cut closely without cutting the skin or creating an unsightly rash. Many men consider badger-hair shaving brushes among the best quality. Use your shaving brush to create a soft and creamy shave cream lather that guarantees a close shave without bumps, nicks or cuts.

Double-Edged Safety Razor

A high quality sharp double edge razor blade does the job neatly and quickly without harming the skin. A quality wet shaving set is an investment worth making. It is durable enough to last for many years and only requires a blade change at least once every 10 shaves.


For the finishing touch, quality cologne with a pleasant fragrance is essential to any good grooming routine. You may have to experiment a while before you find the scent you and those around you like best.


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