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Top 10 Fashion Books to read for 2014 2015

As much as we love our favourite glossy fashion magazines, there’s something to be said about the timelessness of books. And no, I’m not talking about the ones you download. I’m talking about beautifully bound, lusciously coloured, and printed to publishing perfection.  These books have as much visual impact on their covers as their contents.

So, flex those fashion muscles, stimulate your style senses, and adorn your coffee tables with these great new book finds.

1. Things We Love: Kate Spade New York

This intensely jubilant and beautiful book is, put simply, a collection of collections; it’s a colourful array of often overlooked objects, cultural souvenirs and keepsakes that make the vibrant and fun Kate Spade brand what it is today. As reviewed by one enthusiastic reader,  “It’s happiness on every page!” Happy 20th Kate Spade!


Cool Facts:

  • The foreword is written by Glenda Bailey, Editor-In-Chief of Harper’s Bazaar, and huge Kate Spade fan.
  • In 2007, Deborah Lloyd took the helm as President and Chief Creative Officer when founder Kate Spade decided to follow other creative endeavors.

2. The Fashion Book

Fifteen years since it was first published, the newly-made-over “The Fashion Book” remains a staple in any fashion aficionado’s permanent collection. Publishers Phaidon in partnership with Topshop  have renewed their who’s who compendium with 72 brand new entries. As summed up by Asley Simpson (no, not the singer) from, this reincarnation of the fame book ” (is) an honest and up-front dialogue about the connotations of holding influence in the industry today—a fitting prelude to The Fashion Book of the millennial era”.


Cool Facts:

  • This new edition features a striking pink cover picture by Dior illustrator Mats Gustafson.
  • Fatefully and fittingly so, featured style icon Kate Moss is releasing her 15th collection for Topshop in April 2014.

3. Vanity Fair 100 Years

A century of style and fashion await within the pages celebrating 100 years of Vanity Fair! Graydon Carter, Vanity Fair’s Editor for over 20 years, takes readers decade-by-decade from the jazz age to our age, breathing life into the magazine as an entity in and of itself. Glamorous, gritty and everything in between, it is quite possibly one of the most stylish account of the world’s fashion history ever published.


Cool Facts:

  • This hard cover anthology weighs a whopping 8.2 pounds!

4. Style Book II: Pattern and Print

Fashion Editor, Elizabeth Walker, turns her focus on the element of fabric, the cultural and technological influences that dictate some of the most time-defying patterns and prints of all time in the context of ever-changing trends from the past and present. From the runway to the streets, images feature both celebrities and fashionistas that dare to shine in the striking prints and patterns that add panache to any look.


Cool Facts:

  • This book is the second in the “Style Book” series by Elizabeth Walker. The first was entitled, “Style Book:  Fashionable Inspirations”.

5. The Killer Detail: Defining Moments in Fashion

French Journalists, Elizabeth Quin and Francois Armanet, take a look at the style influences of iconic public figures that shaped visually and culturally the landscape of fashion as we know it, be it through overall style approach to singular trademark pieces.  It’s a visceral yet elegant critique on what is coined as “the charming little flaw” that set each of those featured apart. Said best by Ms. Quin in an interview, “The elegance of each character springs not from haute couture, but from individuality: the wonderful flaw, the stylistic rebellion…It’s the unique touch, the dash of creativity that attracts our attention and defines a certain brand of chic, even if it sometimes verges on bad taste.”


Cool Facts:

  • The forward of this book is written by renowned fashion deisgner, Azzedine Alaia.

6. Love Looks Not With the Eyes

Photographer Anne Deniau’s visual backstage to front-and-centre account of the designer’s notorious and often controversial runway shows serves as a beautiful and thought-provoking homage to the late great Alexander McQueen. Showcasing the final 13 years of his life (1997 to 2010), fans are reminded, while new-comers can become better acquainted with, McQueen’s legendary avant guard style, on and off the runway, yet unmatched by others in the fashion industry.


Cool Facts:

  • Author Anne Deniau was the only photographer allowed backstage by McQueen for 13 years, beginning in September 1997 and ending with the final show in March 2010.

7. The World According to Karl

“The minute you think that your past is better, your present is second hand, and you become vintage – it’s OK for clothes, not that great for people “.

These are the kind of gems you can expect from the bold, the brutal, the stylish, the savvy, the ever-outrageous and endlessly entertaining, Karl Lagerfeld! His most notable quotes are herein collected and organized within the confines of 15 themed chapters. Part typography, part simple yet striking graphics, this quotable compilation of the kaiser’s quips and smarting verbal whips is all quick wit.


Cool Facts:

  • Lagerfeld’s ambition in life is to wear size 28 jeans.
  • He is self-diagnosed as ‘allergic’ to flip flops.
  • He wishes he could marry his cat Choupette.

8. Bespoke: The Men’s Style of Saville Row

Author/Curator James Sherwood tells the story of how this custom-made clothing style put the once little-known Savile Row on the fashionably sought-after map! This book is outfitted with beautiful photography and a closer look at 26 of the most popular Savile Row bespoke tailors – including the full gamut of famous tailoring houses like Henry Poole to more recent establishments like Ozwald Boateng – to showcase the street and style’s rich history.


Cool Facts:

  • Author James Sherwood is the curator of the Savile Row exhibition The London Cut.
  • The term “Bespoke” refers to when cloth for a suit was considered to “be spoken for” by customers, especially generations of stylish and tasteful men, from all walks and all classes.

9. John Varvatos: Rock in Fashion

Renowned rock menswear designer John Varvatos’ self-titled book takes an in-depth look at the elements and characteristics of rock style that have permeated and influenced the music industry – artists, lovers and even fans – and ultimately his choices as a designer. Spanning the last 50 years in rock-n-roll history, his first book is an interesting commentary not just on his work, but about the impact of the inherent musician style and aesthetic continues to have on pop culture. A must-have for music, fashion and rock photography enthusiasts.


Cool Facts:

  • Varvatos personally curated the collection of more than 250 images shown in the book, dating as far back as the late 1960’s.
  • Includes never-before-seen photographs of prominent rock artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones to Green Day, Jack White and Kings of Leon.
  • Each chapter contains several quotes from the featured musicians such as Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Iggy Pop, Jack White, Pete Townshend, Robert Plant, Steven Tyler, and Patti Smith.

10. This is a Kenneth Cole Production

The 30-year career in fashion of this talented designer is documented in stunning verbal and visual detail in this celebratory book. It shows all the aspects of Kenneth’s world – from his humble beginnings as the son of a hard-working shoe factory owner, to the socially-stirring advertising, to his use of current technological trends – that contributed to the success of the Kenneth Cole brand and beyond.


Cool Facts:

  • 100% of the profits from the book will be donated to amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Reasearch.
  • Includes written contributions by equally influential public figures such as Diane Von Furstenberg, Joe Zee, and Bill Clinton.